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DogTown CrossFit is Hosting a CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer Course

When: January 18-19, 2014

10am to 5pm each day

Cost: $595

Link to registerwww.regonline.com/PLCulverCityCAJan2014


There is a 50 person CAP on this event so RESERVE your spot.


Ring in the new year getting your Westside Barbell learn on.  DogTown CF will be hosting Laura Phelps-Sweatt and Shane Sweatt as they teach Louie Simmons' of Westside Barbell's methods.  These methods are being employed in training Sam and Lindsey for the upcoming 2014 Season.


This is a great opportunity to gain more body awareness, technique and understanding.  If you have any interest in teaching, improving yourself, or just gaining more knowledge, take advantage of having this Power Lifting Seminar right in your own backyard.  Each attendee will receive a CF Atttendee and or Trainer Cert upon completion.


The CrossFit Powerlifting Seminar  will be taught with the techniques used by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell.  Laura Phelps-Sweatt and Shane Sweatt will be presenting these methods at this course. Spend 2 days learning the back squat, deadlift, and bench press using techniques that have allowed Louie Simmons to create the most successful powerlifters in the world. This course is not for the faint of heart.  You will be jumping right into a very intense lifting environment.


More about Laura and Shane:


Laura is an ISSA certified personal trainer with 7 years of personal training experience. Laura graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2002 with a degree in Health Promotion. Laura is a professional powerlifter having broken world records 17 times in her three year career. She currently has the highest total of all-time by formula, marking her the strongest female powerlifter in history. Before powerlifting, Laura had 14 years of gymnastics experience and also ran several mini-marathons and 2 full marathons.


Shane is an ISSA certified personal trainer with over 10 years of personal training experience working with people young and old, and of all fitness levels. Shane has sixteen years of martial arts experience, and is also a former USCF category 2 cyclist and experienced tri-athlete. Shane has extensive experience in sports specific weight and conditioning training, including powerlifting, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, tae-kwondo, football, and more. His powerlifting athletes have broken over 15 world records. Since working with Shane, some of his mixed martial arts athletes have advanced from the amateur to the professional ranks and have been featured in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships), IFL (International Fight League), all the top and most highly publicized Mixed Martial Arts organizations in the world. Shane's athletes have been featured in such magazines as Powerlifting USA, FLEX, Triathlete, Parrillo Performance, and on several cable channels, such as SpikeTV and HD Net.

The Beauty of Community by Hannah Halteman
Being that we belong to one of the greatest CrossFit boxes in existence today, and considering the fact that we contributed to producing the three fittest women on the planet this year, we seem to attract everybody and their dog,literally, dropping in to experience the greatness that is Dogtown CrossFit for themselves. And, we welcome all with open, (tough)-loving arms! 
This phenomena is not unique to Dogtown alone, however, as traveling CrossFitters across the world know they always have a home when they step foot inside the door of any CrossFit box their journey in life may take them. This my friends, is the beauty of the CrossFit community, and you belong!
I want to take a second to encourage you all in that, whether or not you are aware of it, your CrossFit membership transcends just the mere accountability of group-style classes and the immediate circle of friends you have acquired in joining Dogtown; you belong to a world-wide community of like minded individuals who are living, loving, and and thriving with an improved quality of life, an empowered sense of confidence and self-realization, and the camaraderie that CrossFit seems to intrinsically to provide! Cool, right!? 
Be encouraged today, you are part of something so much bigger than yourself, something that positively affects millions of lives across the globe, and no matter where you rome, you always have a home! 

Bobby Favis

Hello everyone! I just want to share my experience that happened recently at DogTown, specifically last Wednesday. As you all know, I'm one of the "oldest" member of the gym and I do rarely comment on things about people and other stuff not because I don't want to but I'm just a man of few words. 

So last week we all did heavy lifting, heavy squats on Monday at 85 to 90%, then heavy Deadlift on Tuesday at 82.5 to 94% and 45 strict toes to bar at the end, then light squats on Wednesday at 60% then we did Helen. Helen is a WOD that is one of the benchmarks in Crossfit, and this how we measure our improvement/decline, our strength/weakness and above all, mental toughness. Let me tell you, and I kid you not, I did Helen like I've never done before! I felt strong trough out the WOD and it's my first time to do it continously with the least amount of rest in between, and to think that I have bad shoulders and the 45 strict toes to bar the previous day made my shoulders and abs kinda fatigued. After the WOD I was able to recover right away too. And I'm not even having a good day....

What I'm trying to say is whatever strengthening program that Adam and company has programmed for us is actually working. Believe me, I've done Helen many times since DogTown's inception but never like I did last Wednesday, I couldn't believe the strength I had while I was doing the WOD and the feeling that you can actually finish the WOD still with a gallon in the tank makes me feel good.

--Bobby Favis