The Beauty of Community by Hannah Halteman
Being that we belong to one of the greatest CrossFit boxes in existence today, and considering the fact that we contributed to producing the three fittest women on the planet this year, we seem to attract everybody and their dog,literally, dropping in to experience the greatness that is Dogtown CrossFit for themselves. And, we welcome all with open, (tough)-loving arms! 
This phenomena is not unique to Dogtown alone, however, as traveling CrossFitters across the world know they always have a home when they step foot inside the door of any CrossFit box their journey in life may take them. This my friends, is the beauty of the CrossFit community, and you belong!
I want to take a second to encourage you all in that, whether or not you are aware of it, your CrossFit membership transcends just the mere accountability of group-style classes and the immediate circle of friends you have acquired in joining Dogtown; you belong to a world-wide community of like minded individuals who are living, loving, and and thriving with an improved quality of life, an empowered sense of confidence and self-realization, and the camaraderie that CrossFit seems to intrinsically to provide! Cool, right!? 
Be encouraged today, you are part of something so much bigger than yourself, something that positively affects millions of lives across the globe, and no matter where you rome, you always have a home!