Let’s all make 2019 the perfect formula of technique, progressing smartly, being challenged and having fun! And of course, crush those goals!

To start, let’s chat the basics

Be present and in the moment.

Yes, that does mean ditching your phones when you walk into DogTown. For many of us, the 1 hour we spend at DogTown is the only true hour we have for ourselves. Make the most out of it.

Being present also means listening (I mean, REALLY listening) to our coaches. The more we can tune in to those queues they give us, the better our technique gets. And the better our technique gets, the faster and stronger we get. Coaches intentionally repeat themselves when it comes to explaining and breaking down movements because that is what creates that body awareness and performing movements almost on autopilot.

Everyone needs coaching.

Even those who have been at this CrossFit thing for years, it is never mastered and there is ALWAYS room to improve. Having proper coaching is what keeps us safe and continuously getting better. Noone is above needing coaching.Look at professional athletes. They have teams of professionals coaching them.

Stay Positive.

Firstly, no one likes a complainer. Show up to class ready to work and be positive. It is infectious, so be the person that everyone is inspired to work out next to.

Being positive is what can make or break us and get us to our goals. It is so easy and common to become our own worst roadblock so think positively and be kind to yourself.

It also means celebrating every little thing. Maybe you are still struggling to get full depth in that Overhead Squat, but recognize that you are getting lower than you did yesterday. Celebrate those PR’s, even if they are “just” a pound more. Every little bit gets you closer to where you want to go.

Be Consistent.

If you do not want each time you come to CrossFit to feel like your first time at CrossFit, show up consistently. That soreness you experience gets better when your body adapts to the intensity and volume.

Also, think about consistency in terms of how you pace yourself during those wod’s. Strive to have a consistent pace and if anything, instead of starting off like a bat out of hell, pace and at the end, go crazy.

And about them 2019 goals.

For some goals, we will organically hit them simply by showing up and giving the regularly scheduled programming 100%.

For other goals though, we will need to put in extra time and effort. Which means, goals have to be more specific than “get 1 strict pull-up” or “hit a 300 pound back squat”.  HOW do you plan to accomplish that? Are you going to ask one of the coaches (or youtube) for extra accessory work? Are you going to come in during Open Gym to work on strength?

Really put thought to the plan to hit a goal because merely wishing it and putting it out into the universe may not result it in magically happening.

Also, just because you hit a goal once, does NOT mean you are golden for life. You must continuously work at it. (Just look at myself and Bar Muscle Ups. I have 4 under my belt but my success rate is like 1%).


Alright, 2019, let’s do this!

On Behalf of the DogTown Staff,