Dogtown Rows the boat
The rowing clinic saved me from drowning in 18.1 (like what I did there?) It opened my eyes to a few things.

1. Even if you have done a movement to completion in the past, it does not mean you have done it right.

2. Efficiency is sometimes more important than speed.

3. Always sign up for a clinic when DogTown offers it.

Let me share this with you. I have been doing CrossFit for 6 years and rowing has always been my nemesis. Whenever a coach would tell me to “use more legs”, I would get frustrated at not being able to figure out how. I was pulling like a madwoman without making gains. Two minutes into taking Zohar’s rowing clinic, I realized that height and weight for me are a major disadvantage. I also realized I have literally been rowing all wrong all these years.

I will defer to Zohar, the resident DogTown expert, on rowing technique but the points are these.

Now after just one hour of a clinic, I kid you not, my rowing has done a 180. I am not necessarily going any faster but I am by far more efficient. In 18.1 I went into it knowing that I would spend the most time on the erg. I was able to though be efficient and make it like 80% legs which saved my arms for the movements that most needed them (toes to bar and clean and jerks).

18.1, for me, was about efficiency and that is something I encourage everyone to think about during any workouts. We easily lose sight of efficiency in CrossFit because we associate being strong with being fast and explosive. 

Think of double unders for another example. Sure, you can jump to the sky or tuck jump. You may string a few together but you are taxing your entire body and engine much faster than if you get can manage to get your jumps to be shorter and staying more erect.  (I know, easier said than done…)

Little tweaks to movements you do can make a world of difference. Listen to your coaches when they give you technique cues. We sometimes just keep repeating what we know to do because it is familiar even if it is not the best way to do it. Sometimes it takes those little cues to reprogram your brain and body to perform the same movement differently (but improved!) CrossFit really is about the small details.

And lastly, next time Zohar has a rowing clinic, GO! Next time anyone offers a clinic at DogTown, sign yo’ ass up!!!

Dogtown Member - Missy Berkowitz