This Saturday, October 31st, will will have a special trial 8:30am CrossFit Class as well as a 10:30a Yoga class! 10:30a CrossFit is cancelled this week.

Class Schedule for Saturday, October 31, 2015:
8:30am All Levels CrossFit
9:30am All Levels CrossFit / Intro
10:30am Yoga*

*Yoga will be FREE for all DogTown Members and $25 drop-in for guests.



Please do not walk the ramp in the parking structure. Instead, use only the stairs to exit and enter the parking garage on foot. There are two staircases which you may use to exit the structure, one in the corner by the ramp and one by the elevator.

To return to your car, you must use the stairs at the opposite corner of the building from our door. To do this, exit our space and turn right. Walk to the corner, and turn right. Walk to the end of the building and there is a door just past The Wild Thistle Cafe. That is the stairs up to parking.

If you have any questions please email or talk to a staff member at the gym.