“I can fit into clothes that I couldn't fit into before starting the program”

The first official Smart Start program has come to a close, and the results exceeded expectations.  For the past six weeks, 30 Dogtown members and several other non-members participating remotely have been learning and applying healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.  The result:  an average of 2.1% body fat lost, 2.8 inches in body circumference lost, and over a minute faster on the baseline workout.

Not only were the numbers impressive, but almost everyone reported improved sleep, mood, cognition, and energy.  When you feed and treat your body the way it was meant to be, it returns the favor exponentially.

“All-in-all, it's been fantastic and I can even say I rarely crave sugary treats anymore. Thanks for all the help and guidance!”

While most paleo/nutrition challenges around the fitness world use points, prizes, and competition to motivate participants into sticking with the program, we took a different approach.  We believe that changing fiercely engrained habits into new sustainable ones takes more than a little cash incentive.  It takes commitment to yourself and making your health a priority in life. 

This is approach we took.  No scoreboard, winners, or losers.  We guided our participants through the process step by step as they built new lifelong habits. 

“I learned a lot from the program and I think it'll be easier to stick to a plan now”

Clean eating alone can lead to great results in terms of fat loss and health improvement.  But when you add in proper sleep habits, stress management, and other lifestyle changes, you strongly stack the deck in your favor to make significant progress.  The addition of these components was made possible with support from Orion Lifestyle, a health and fitness company created by Coach Elliott.  To view some of their information that was included for participants, visit orionlifestyle.com.

Smart Start is Dogtown Crossfit’s unique program that has provided our members with immediate results in body composition and health, and more importantly, long-lasting changes for the rest of their lives.  If you are interested in participating in the future, check our page for announcements when we get the next one started up.  If you’ve participated before, you may even want to go through the program again in the future, to keep rebuilding those habits.

Congratulations again to everyone that participated, and came out of it looking, feeling, and performing better.