We have just finished and excellent period of training thanks to Coach Mike Vaccarella that has helped you prepare knowingly or unknowingly for the CrossFit Open.  
During the next 6 weeks the weekly routine will stay focused with:
1. Warm up: a quick general fully body primer.
2. Skills: a 10 minute skills session where will further develop and refine our technique and continue our warm up.  Tuesdays each week -we will work on Handstands / Inversion / Handstand Push up Training.
3.  Lift: MondayWednesday and Thursday will feature a coaching piece that will help further develop your Olympic lift Technique.  This piece will include barbell complexes and EMOMs.  We will also continue to squat.  Because well, squatting is essential to life.
5. Metcon:  Traditional Crossfit.  couplets/ triplets and Wednesdays will feature back to back Wednesday: 3 minute AMRAP rest 3 mins then a 6 minute AMRAP, rest 3 minutes and then a workout for time!
6.  We will continue with the OPEN on Fridays and a group community class on Saturdays!