We really hope you enjoyed the CF Open and the Cycle of Metabolic Conditioning we have been programming.  During this period of time we have seen strength numbers grow, bodyweight movement improve and many of you have really gained some skills i.e. many muscle up prs!  Exciting times.  So for the next four weeks we are going to do a few things and do them well as a group.  1. we will get stronger with a modified Wendler Strength cycle focusing on Squat, Deadlift and Bench. 2. We will also blend in Snatches, Cleans and chase more bodyweight strength like the Muscle up and the Handstand push up.  3. But most importantly we are going to give you a high dose of CrossFit.  Classic Couplets, Triplets, Task priority workouts and interval training to get you where you want to be.  Fitter, sweatier and happy.  Then we will test it all and see how the chips fell.  See you in the gym with a sweaty smile on your face.
Coach Dusty