Hello DogTowner's,

We are excited to announce the return of DogTown CrossFit's running endurance program, DTCF ENDURANCE 2.0.

The results of the first running endurance program were so positive coaches Josh and Mike have decided to expand the program for round two.

DTCF ENDURANCE 2.0 will be a six week course starting April 12 and ending May 10. The classes will be one hour long and consists of the following:

Introduction to POSE style running method
Pacing strategies for CrossFit workouts involving running
Tips for training for races (5K's, 10K's, marathons)

The classes will be held at DogTown CrossFit, local tracks, and the beach.

The 6 week DTCF ENDURANCE 2.0 package is $90.

Learn how to run efficiently and safely, have a great time with friends, and see your CrossFit performance increase.

Feel free to talk to coaches Josh and Mike directly with any questions.