Hey Dogtowners!


Thought I would share a few tips with you in preparation for the open! 


1.) Make sure you hydrate!  Even a dehydration rate of 2% can affect your performance. Do what you gotta do, add in lemon, some coconut water, make it sparking water.... I DON'T care, just drink it! :)  Aim for ½ ounce for every pound of your bodyweight.  Example: 150 # = 75 ounces.


2.) Take a rest day the day before you plan to do the OPEN WOD.  Make sure your legs are nice and fresh.  The days you workout during the week will need to be altered to give yourself the best chance to perform your best.


3.) Bring a protein shake and supplements with you to the gym. Most likely you will stay and hang out after your WOD or judge other heats, but you still need to replenish your body!  Pack a protein shake, glutamine, BCAA, Creatine, and any other supplements you may be taking.  Remember; take within 45 minutes after your workout, but the sooner the better.


4.) Looking for a bit of an energy boost? Try D-Ribose powder.  Our body needs ribose to produce ATP (ENERGY!). Why not supplement with a natural form to assist your body in producing as much energy as possible?!  Take 1 tsp. before and after your workouts. 


5.) Don’t go for a huge cheat meal after the Open WOD because you worked out really hard for that 12 minute AMRAP.  I know, you are exhausted and you “deserve” a double bacon burger with cheese and extra fries, but let’s face it, you didn’t burn enough calories in that short burst of a workout to eat 2500 calories of saturated fat and sugar. Keep it clean this month, stay disciplined, and watch how you will feel so much more efficient, explosive, and powerful.  Choose fajitas, blackened salmon and veggies, a steak and veggies…you get the idea.

Kristen Bell
Registered Dietitian, Functional Training Specialist