This Thursday night will be the debut of  our "Competition Class" here at DogTown CrossFit. This class is an extension of our all levels programming for anyone that desires a little more skill training, intensity and overall camraderie and fun.  Are you a competent mover with a competitive streak and has an interest in local throwdowns and weekend competitions with your friends?  This is where "the Dog Pound" lives and thrives. Here we will do anything and everything from get ready for the CF Open, train for an O Lift meet or an Obstacle Course race. This class is also open to memembers of the CrossFit Community that belong to other gyms so feel free to invite whoever to come down and join us. Most importantly this class is about having fun!

All Levels are welcome and open to attend.  Scaling options will be provided for all workouts. 

Thursday nights at 7:30pm

Saturday Mornings at 11:30 am