Everyone has a different connection to our gym.  For some, it's a place to let loose and let out some aggression.  For others, it's a place for them to clear their minds and get swole.  Whatever the reason is, there is one thing we ALL need to be more cognizant of:

Putting away our TOYS!

Now, I'm using the word "toys" extremely loose here.  But for the sake of keeping everyone on the same page, the word "toys" refers to any piece of equipment that belongs to the gym or any personal item that makes it way into the gym.

We're all adults here.  Some of us even have their own children that they clean up after.  And as much as we may pride ourselves in being B.A.M.Fs after a work out, use your time afterwards to cool down and put away or wipe down anything you may have needed or used during your workout.

I'm sure we've all heard someone say to us at some point or another, "this is why we don't have nice things".  There's a reason people say that.  If we as a gym take the time to put things away neatly and with some care, the equipment will last longer and will be able to be used by future DogTowners to come.

By all means, come in and mobilize before or after a work out, but PLEASE, put your PVC pipes and rollers away.

Just PR'd Cindy?  Awesome, but PLEASE, put your bands and AB mats away.

Survived the Crush Cancer WOD?  Nice, but PLEASE, put your weights and ropes away.

Be mindful when using chalk and protein powders.  Use what you need in moderation, and if you can, PLEASE refrain from pretending that you're Tony Montana.

The bathrooms are another beast entirely.  Dry cleaning hangars, beautilities, Lulu and Reebok clothing, moldy towels hanging, thrown or strewn around the bathroom areas makes the gym look unprofessional and grimy.  Clean up after yourself.  Would you want to walk into the bathroom just to change only to find yourself standing in Lochness?

The floor is NOT a trash can.  Please be more conscious of disposing of any sports tape, paper towels, and disposable water bottles INTO the trash cans.

There are so many nice and quite expensive items left behind by members that I'm surprised are never claimed.  Unfortunately, we just don't have the space to keep everything for extended periods of time  If by the end of the week the owner has not claimed whatever item it is, it will become donated.  Invest in a duffle bag, sharpie lifting shoes and shaker bottles and take care of your things!

Remember, your mom doesn't work here, other people do.  Please clean up after yourself.