3456 South Motor Ave., Suite 107, Los Angeles, CA 90034 (310) 558-4496

Welcome to DogTown CrossFit!

DogTown CrossFit opened in 2010 as the result of the joining of three life-long athletes. The owners came to the table with backgrounds in Olympic level Judo, elite level gymnastics, and competitive snowboarding among other things. They share a lifelong passion for health and fitness as well as approximately 4 decades of coaching experience. Their varying backgrounds come together to build a diverse and well-rounded curriculum for our members.

Our main focus at DogTown is the safety of our clients. We created split-level classes to help ensure the quality of movement education our members receive.

Our second priority is the community we create with our members. Community plays a huge roll in CrossFit and that is no different at our gym. Our members support each other both inside the gym and out through conquering a Tough Mudder race, fundraising for a cause close to heart, growing your family, or just making it to the end of a tough workout. Our members find friendships here that carry on beyond the gym.

We strive to help you find and meet your fitness goals. If you're interested in learning more, or to schedule a free intro class contact admin@dogtowncrossfit.com or call 310-558-4496.

Our mascots are Kettlebelle and Kip: